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"Klavier Piano Lessons" provides in-home piano lessons taught by Ava Nazar. Lessons are available for Manhattan and Brooklyn residents. They take place at Ava's piano studio in Bushwick (Brooklyn), or at students homes. For more information please send an email to

About Ava

Ava is a New York based pianist and music educator. She holds degrees from the Manhattan School of Music, and the Juilliard School. Besides performing, Ava has an extensive teaching experience. She has been teaching piano at her home studio, as well as established music schools such as the Nord Anglia International School, and the Brooklyn Music School. Passionate about expanding musical access across communities, Ava has worked as a teaching artist fellow with the ArtistYear organization, which its mission is to increase arts access and education for underserved youth in America through an arts-focused national service.

Teaching Philosophy 

Ava's teaching style is interactive with her students, in a flexible style, in order to provide them the opportunity to explore their musical taste yet in a structured manner to make sure they keep improving. She aims to enable her students with a firm command of piano techniques, and she teaches from methods that provide different aspects of learning music, including music theory, music history, ear-training, improvising, composition, and performance. Although books play an important role in organizing the lessons and provide a coherent approach in learning the piano, she strongly believes that parts of her piano lessons should focus on creativity and imagination, and therefore allowing the students to explore the music world. For younger kids she uses methods that contain fun themes and illustrations, therefore helping them to stay motivated to learn the instrument. 

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